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METAGENE is an incubator-launchpad that helps promising metaverse and NFT projects to achieve success. We also assure safety and long-term profitability for investors.
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Guaranteed allocations
Holders of our tokens will be divided into six Tiers. Which Tier a holder is assigned depends on the amount of tokens in their possession. Five out of the six Tiers give guaranteed allocations.
Locked Liquidity
All projects that will hold their IDOs on METAGENE will have to “lock in” at least 50% of their liquidity either through METAGENE or a trusted third-party lock system. This will reduce risks for investors and increase projects’ transparency.
Stake & Farm
Holders of $GENE tokens will earn yield on the tokens that they choose to stake on our platform. The amount of $GENE tokens you will lock on our platform will determine your Tier and allocation. In other words, $GENE tokens have a dual purpose.
The safest incubator -launchpad
Our investors’ safety is our main priority. We only hold IDOs after all relevant parties have gone through a rigorous KYC process and signed legally binding agreements that ensure transparency and high quality of work.
The 3 Pillars of METAGENE
Auditor and Advisor
We have a lot of experience launching crypto start-ups. We are well aware of all the troubles and pitfalls novice dev teams have to deal with in the early stages of their projects’ development. Therefore, we have created an advisory board that will audit and advise new projects. We share our marketing and technical expertise with dev teams to ensure successful deployment of their products.
We are always hunting for talent. Once we discover a promising dev team that has the skills and mindset necessary to deploy truly transformative projects, we take them under our wing and guide them through all the stages of the development process.
Once dev teams go through all the stages of our selection process (KYC, skillset and product quality checks) they get a chance to hold IDOs and launch their projects into the market. We only focus on high-quality metaverse and NFT projects that have strong fundamentals, innovative plans and unique utility. Our goal is to create an environment where dev teams and investors can forge our virtual future together.
Token Ticker:
Binance Smart Chain
Total Supply:
Tier System
Tier 1
50% lottery
Pool weight: 1X
Allocations: No
Tier 2
IDO allocation: Yes
Pool weight: 2X
Private Allocations: No
Tier 3
IDO allocation: Yes
Pool weight: 6X
Private Allocations: No
Tier 4
IDO allocation: Yes
Pool weight: 15X
Private Allocations: No
Tier 5
IDO allocation: Yes
Pool weight: 35X
Private Allocations: Yes
Tier 6
IDO allocation: Yes
Pool weight: 100X
Private Allocations: Yes
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tier system here


What is a tier system?

A tier system is a hierarchy of levels (tiers) that reflects the amount of $GENE tokens staked by holders. MetaGene has a six-tier system. For example, staking 100,000 - 190,000 $GENE tokens gives entry to Tier 1, while staking at least 3,250,000 $GENE tokens grants access to the highest (Regulators)
The tier system makes participation more accessible and rewards bigger investors by offering them pool weight multipliers of up to 100x.

What is a guaranteed allocation?

Allocation means distribution of MetaGene tokens in accordance with the launchpad’s Tier System. All investors who have been assigned Tier 2 and above are guaranteed an allocation. It means that they receive a right to invest into any project launched through our platform during its IDO stage.

What is Pool Weight?

Pool weight refers to the size of IDO participants’ allocations determined by their Tier. The higher the tier, the larger the allocation, The exact formula that is used to calculate Pool Weight can be found here.

How do I acquire my $GENE tokens once I've purchased them?

$GENE tokens will be automatically sent to the wallet address that you used to register for Public Sale. It will happen on the day $GENE tokens are listed. The exact date and time of the token’s listing will be shared via our website and socials.

What is FCFS?

FCFS stands for First Come First Serve. Whatever tokens are left will be up for public sale. FCFS participants of Tier 3 and above will be able to purchase an additional amount of tokens determined by their Pool Weight. The FCFS round will stay open until all the remaining tokens are sold out, which usually takes just a few minutes. Once the FCFS stage is over, the IDO will be closed.

What is a Private Allocation?

IDO participants of Tiers 5 and 6 will get access to Private Rounds of investment into other projects that will be launched on MetaGene.

Who should I talk to if I have a question?

If you have any questions feel free to contact our tech support team.

When will the MetaGene Launchpad hold its first IDO?

We are planning to hold our first IDO right after the $GENE token is listed. The exact dates of all IDOs projects will be announced on our website and socials.
Implementation of the staking mechanism with rewards system
Marketing materials for private investors
Seed Sale
Launch of the marketing campaign aimed at the community growth
Launch of the website
The conclusion of new partnerships
Advertising campaign in the world’s major megacities
Private Sale
Holding 3 Airdrop among members of community
Public sale
Token distribution
Launch of the mobile app
GENE Token IDO on our own platform, and DEX listing
IDO and Staking Platform
Launch METAGENE NFT Collection
Launch of the mobile app
CEX listing
Launch of the first 20 Metaverse projects
Launch Crypto Marketplace
Integration of gamification and all the necessary tests
Conduct INO (Initial NFT Offering)
NFT Staking
Build a bridge to NEAR Ecosystem
Beta Release of the METAGENE Metaverse with active utility tool for interaction with users
NFT Lands auction
Metaverse Public release
Initiate the build of the Metaverse on METAGENE platform to make it integratable
Multiplayer update. Play METAGENE with your friends
Hero upgrades and adding new characters in Metaverse
VR Demo Release
Avatar NFT costumes
Introduction of additional NFT types: Movies, Music, Videos
◷ April 18, 2022
Start of Public Sale at METAGENE. Why is it Worth Taking Part and Paying Attention to this Project?
METAGENE in Time Square
◷ April 9, 2022
◷ April 18, 2022
METAGENE. Incubator-Launchpad Worthy of Investors’ Attention
◷ April 7, 2022
Incubator-launchpad METAGENE has opened a Private Sale of tokens on BSC
◷ April 8, 2022
METAGENE launchpad & incubator Private Sale started!
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METAGENE on your phone
A mobile application of our incubator-launchpad will be released shortly, which will make interaction with our ecosystem even more accessible.
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